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The Children's Centre for Earlsheaton and Chickenley

The Children's centre is based at Chickenley School and provides services for any families with young children in our area. They hold special events, run classes and offer help and advice. If you would like more information then please check the Children's Centre information board at School or visit:


You can call them on 01924 325374

Stronger Families

We work closely with the Stronger Families team, which provide us with a link worker. Her name is Tracey Ellis and she can offer support and advice on a range of issues all parents face at some point. If you need some help with fussy eating, behaviour, bedtime routines or anything else then please ask Mrs Kelly or Mrs Chapple to pass your details on to Tracey, who will arrange to meet you in school, at the Children's Centre or at home for coffee and a chat. Lots of our parents have found her to be a mine of invaluable hints and tips. 

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