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Mission Statement and Aims

Mission Statement

“We strive for all members of the school community to reach their full potential academically, socially, personally and emotionally. We encourage everyone to try their best and support them on their learning journey. Children come this way only once so we must litter their path with quality experiences’”.

Aims of the School

We seek to bring about our Mission Statement through a number of aims:

  • We aim to provide quality experiences throughout school life, so that children are happy, successful and keen to learn, thus helping them grow into young people who are fulfilled and able to make a positive contribution to society.

  • We aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment so that our children feel safe and secure in school. We believe that children should feel happy and learn to respect themselves and others.    

  • We aim to educate the whole child by providing them with a range of relevant experiences, thus fostering the child’s intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual curiosity and development.    

  • We aim to teach a broad and balanced curriculum by carefully planning and delivering the National Curricula for Early Years and Key Stage One, whilst assessing development and progress to ensure national expectations are met as a minimum.

  • We aim to equip learners with skills to deal with and flourish in the face of change, which we acknowledge is an inevitable part of everyday life.

  • We aim to support all members of the school community both academically and pastorally and foster a love of life-long learning. 

                                                                                                      - The Staff and Governors of Earlsheaton Infant School

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