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Here are some of the thoughts about our school that our children and parents have shared with us...

I like teachers because they give us hard work.


I like hard work!


I like the playground. It’s a fun place to play and there are lots of things to play on.


I like the Head Teacher because she keeps us safe!


I like my teacher because he gives us rock hard work!


I like reading the book of the week. It’s a nice way to end the day.


Golden time on Friday is great because you get a break from working.


We do fun things like reading and writing.


I like being friends with Cole, Ashton and Morgan. We all play together outside.


I like sharing toys with my friends, like the Lego.


I like the teachers. They help people. If someone is hurt the teachers help you.


I like playing with my friends outside. We play on the climbing frame.


I like writing about the Little Red Hen.


I like salmon fishcakes for my dinner.

-Finlay and Lydia

-I like shooting the targets in archery. I never miss!


I like playing on Purple Mash on the computers.


Toby has loved his time at Earlsheaton Infant School and we have loved watching him grow. Not only has he learned so much but he has made many friends, blossomed with confidence and discovered a love of sports. We would like to thank Mrs Kelly and all the staff for helping Toby start off his educational journey in the encouraging way you have. Many thanks.

-Amy and Shaun

Thank you for the past three years providing Ellis with a fun, safe and nurturing environment at your school. Ellis has progressed loads personally and socially as well as academically. He has been so happy attending Earlsheaton Infants School and we couldn’t have wished for a better start to his school life. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and support.

-Jacqui and Kev

A big thank you to all Joel’s teachers and assistants, he thinks the world of you and your efforts with him are greatly appreciated.


I have seen Mollie grow in confidence and ability over the year and I am very grateful for all the care and support given to develop this.

-C. Rawden

I am very pleased with Ellah’s progress this year! I am very happy with her report and extremely pleased with her Sat’s results.

-V. Walker

I am very happy with Lydia’s report. She has made fantastic progress and we are very proud of her.

-C. Kaye

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