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Mission Statement

“We strive for all members of the school community to reach their full potential academically, socially, personally and emotionally. We support everyone on their learning journey and encourage to them to 'bring their best'. Our children never get this day again, so we must fill their time with quality experiences’”.

Aims of the School

We seek to bring about our Mission Statement through a number of aims:

  • We make learning fun, so that children are happy, successful and keen to take part, We believe this will set them on the path of being a lifelong learner. 

  • We provide a warm and welcoming environment so that our children feel safe and secure in school. We believe that every child can find their place in our wider school family and learn to respect themselves and others.    

  • We develop the whole child by putting equal value on the academic and the pastoral. We believe that children learn best when we inspire their intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual curiosity.

  • We help our children find their voice. We believe that effective communication skills unlock the rest of the curriculum and the wider world.

  • We teach a broad and balanced curriculum that covers the skills and knowledge of the National Curricula for Early Years and Key Stage One. We believe that children must experience the arts, humanities, sports and sciences to discover where their interests and talents lie. 

  • We equip learners with resilience. We believe enabling children to embrace change without becoming overwhelmed is a vital lifeskill in our ever-evolving modern world.

  • We inspire all members of the school community to care for themselves, for others, for our local area and our planet. We believe the journey starts by looking up and asking 'what if...?'

-Agreed by the Staff and Governors of Earlsheaton Infant School

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