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Short Term Medical Issues

If your child is well enough to be in school but needs to complete a short course of medicine, such as antibiotics then one of our First Aiders can administer it. Please call in to the Office to complete a permission form and to give in the medicine, which will be kept in the fridge. 

Please note, we can only administer medicine which has been prescribed by a doctor and which has the child's name and correct dosage on the label. We can not give non-prescribed medicines such as Calpol. 

Long Term Medical Issues

If your child is diagnosed with a long term health issue or allergy then please tell the class teacher. We will ask you to fill in a Health Care Plan, which sets out exactly what the condition is, what the symptoms or triggers are and what the treatment is. Health Care Plans are reviewed yearly or whenever the condition changes. 

Our First Aiders have a huge amount of experience dealing with complex Medical Issues so please be assured your child is in safe hands. If we can help in any way, then please speak to the class teacher. Your child's wellbeing is our first and foremost priority. 

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