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All our children are entitled to a free school lunch, under the Universal Free School Meals scheme. However, a very small number of our children bring packed lunches instead. If you would like your child to do this, please let the office know. We need two weeks notice to swap from school dinners to sandwiches, as the cook orders the food two weeks in advance. 

Hot Dinners

Our school lunches are freshly made to order, every day, in our school kitchen by our cook. The menu is nutritionally balanced and offers lots of children's favourite dishes.  There are two main course choices each day as well as a selection of puddings, fruit or yoghurt. A vegetarian option is always available. Please note we are unable to offer halal choices.

We use the Kirklees Catering app Meal Selector for children to choose their meal for the day. They do this on the IPad or Whiteboard as soon as they enter the classroom in the morning. This helps the kitchen staff cook enough of each meal so there is no danger of the most popular dishes running out before everyone has been served. Children are given a coloured wrist band to show the cook which meal they have chosen. Our children really like wearing these wrist bands! Children can also independently choose how much and which items to take from the salad bar and also which pudding they would like on a daily basis 

Our menus are on a 3 week cycle.

Free School Milk

Your child may be eligible for free milk if you get certain benefits. You can find out more by visiting:


or by visiting Dewsbury Town Hall or ringing 01484 221919. 

If you are able to claim free school meals and milk then please do so, as by registering for it the school will then recieve extra funding called the Pupil Premium  grant. We use this to pay for extra hours for teaching assistants and buying new resources, so it really does make a big difference to us. 

If your child is not eligible for free milk then you can order and pay for it direct from the diary, via a company called Cool Milk. Please ask Mrs Hill or Miss Pringle in the school office for further information about this. 

Packed Lunches

Children may choose to bring a packed lunch with them. These should be in a sturdy lunchbox, clearly marked with the child's name. We ask that lunchbox choices should be as healthy as possible- no fizzy drinks or chocolate bars. If your child does not like crusts on sandwiches then please cut them off, as this can stop children eating what you have provided. 

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